Depeche Mode Faith & Devotion

Unveiling the essence of Depeche Mode through faith and devotion

From the humble beginnings in Basildon to the brink of their 40th anniversary, “Depeche Mode Faith & Devotion” unfolds a tale of how a shy band conquered the world against the odds – the extraordinary story of a bunch of synth-pop and darkwave boys turned electronic rock men who dared to be different.

Over four decades, Depeche Mode has taken their brooding tunes to arenas and stadiums worldwide, attracting millions of fans from Sao Paolo to Sydney. But let’s not forget; this wasn’t always a joyride. Far from it. First, surviving the dramatic exit of their band founder and chief songwriter, Vince Clarke, wasn’t a walk in the Basildon Northlands park. Then there were bouts of self-doubt that hit harder than a missed lyric, depression darker than their leather-clad aesthetics, band disputes more intense than a madras curry, not to mention the problems with alcohol and drugs.

But, lo and behold, Depeche Mode overcame all these near to career-ending issues and swiftly gathered a fanatical cult following in Europe, the Americas, and beyond. David Gahan, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher, and Alan Wilder embarked on a mission, armed with dark and venal songs about everything from sex and religion to obsession and death. Why settle for the banal and conventional when you can dive into the deep end of human experience?

“Depeche Mode Faith & Devotion” stands out for its quality, content, and ability to present a fresh perspective even for seasoned Depeche Mode enthusiasts. The book is a captivating exploration of the band’s history, mostly thoroughly examining each album from the debut “Speak & Spell”, up to “Spirit”, and including the solo projects by David Gahan and Martin Gore. While opinions on some of the later albums may vary, the book provides a holistic view of Depeche Mode’s ability to push the limits of alternative rock without losing their unique sound and songcraft.

What we have here is more than a biography; it’s a celebration of the Depeche Mode legacy and a testament to the band’s enduring impact. Whether you’re rediscovering their development and longevity or introducing someone to the creativity and brilliance of the band, “Depeche Mode Faith & Devotion” is an elegantly crafted homage and a pleasing addition to any coffee table or bookshelf.

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  • Author: Ian Gittins
  • Published: October 2019
  • Pages: 240
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 27.3 cm / 8.5 x 10.75 inches
  • Publisher: Palazzo Editions
  • ISBN: 9781786750648