Depeche Mode about Dreaming of Mode

A tribute to and complete discography of Depeche Mode – probably the most remixed band in history.

For Depeche Mode it all started in 1981 with Dreaming Of Me. Their first single. For Dreaming of Mode it started in 1984 with Some Great Reward. My first Depeche Mode album. Since then I’ve been pretty much stuck with the boys from Basildon. That release and all the subsequent remixes, got me hooked.

But instead of just dreaming of mode, I put all of my accumulated knowledge on their music into this site. A site that is not a Depeche Mode biography. There are tons of other sites already doing that. What I want to do, is to showcase the cover art, present the complete Depeche Mode catalog and provide you with some facts on all releases.

All releases presented are official. I.e., regardless if it’s a commercial release on vinyl, CD, digital download or promo, it has been approved by Depeche Mode. For singles and remixes the order of the tracks isn’t necessarily according to any particular release. Many Depeche Mode tracks (especially remixes) appear on several different releases. The aim here is to mention each track and remix not more than once. You will undoubtedly find some duplicates simply due to re-releases and somewhat different catalogs in the UK and US respectively. All releases plus the single and album numerator refer to the UK catalog unless otherwise specified.

Please let me know if any information provided is incorrect or if you find a Broken link.

With all that said I hope Dreaming of Mode will turn you into a fan of Depeche Mode or make you like them even more if you already are one.
Peace. /DoM

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