Dreaming of Mode – Depeche Mode discography 1981-2024

It’s all about Depeche Mode

Perhaps you are a longtime Depeche Mode devotee or a fan in the making. Maybe you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer on the hunt for your first Depeche Mode album. Either way, thanks for stopping by and being my favorite stranger.

For Depeche Mode it started in 1981 with Dreaming Of Me. The band’s first single release. For the admin of this site it started in 1984 with Some Great Reward. My first Depeche Mode record. Since then I’ve been pretty much stuck with the boys from Basildon. All the tracks on that album, the subsequent releases and remixes, got me hooked as if I had found a rare precious metal.

The following year (perfect timing for a fan in the making), came the compilation The Singles 81→85 with a mouth-watering presentation of Depeche Mode back catalogue singles and albums. By that time, my obsession was not going backwards and I couldn’t shake the disease. 30 years, 52 singles, and 13 albums later, this website project came about to sooth my soul as a devout collector of Depeche Mode releases. The launch was just a question of time. While sometimes I had to work hard on this project, most days I was thinking, now, this is fun. Besides, it gave me something to do.

Dreaming of Mode is my little universe so to speak & spell. It’s made to exhibit the entire official Depeche Mode catalogue, showcase the cover art, and provide some nerdy facts on predominantly the UK / European and US releases. There are plenty of other releases issued in other countries, with the same covers and track listings as the original European and US ones. Most of them are not presented here to avoid repetition.

Welcome to a fan tribute to, and a complete discography of Depeche Mode – probably the most remixed band in the history of music. Peace.

P.S. Just can’t get enough or are you tired of the constant references to Depeche Mode titles? Oh well, there will be no more (this is the last time).