DEPECHE MODE – 1981-2024


DEPECHE MODE – singles

In today’s music industry, the concept of what constitutes a single has evolved from what it used to be. In the past, singles were accompanied by music videos and physical releases of 7-inch and 12-inch vinyl and / or CD’s, with b-sides and remixes. However, since the rise of digital streaming and downloads, things have changed for the single. Technology now allows for the release of every track separately, eliminating the traditional promotion associated with singles and blurring the definition of this endangered format.

With that said, if we accept that “releases” from albums qualify as singles, then Depeche Mode has released 62 of them (53 in the US, of which three were not released as singles in Europe). The band’s singles discography spans more than four decades of music, from the 1981 debut, “Dreaming Of Me”, to the most recent release in 2024, “People Are Good”.